Photo-A-Day: Week #19

January 10, 2011: Guess what we got more of this weekend? Bah! I'm so sick of shovelling snow!

January 11, 2011: I had to give a legal research presentation to my librarian colleagues today - nervewracking but it seemed to go over well.

January 12, 2011: If anything, the snow is pretty.

January 13, 2011: It's Continental Cup of Curling time!!

January 14, 2011: This weekend's team lineups - I'm just rubbing it in that I got to see it before the rest of the world did.

January 15, 2011: See, the Norwegian Curling Pants did show up! Thanks for posing Bompi!

January 16, 2011: The Continental Cup of Curling was an incredible event for me. I met awesome people, saw/did awesome things, and got to throw out a couple official rocks on the official ice!