Photo-A-Day: I Accidentally Quit

Ok, so the plan was to take photos all week, and spend Saturday sorting out what to do with my full Picasa account so I could post a photo-a-day on Sunday.

Except there was a lot of curling/hockey on tv on Saturday and I never got around to sorting out what to do for online photo storage in the future.

Which doesn't really matter because I accidentally forgot to take photos all week. I did take one on Monday, which I can't use because of a particular logo. And then honestly, I just forgot! No excuses. I am a quitter. Shame on me.

So that's the end of photo-a-day for me. I'm not really upset I accidentally quit for a couple reasons. The whole point of starting it was to encourage me to use my new camera. And I did. And I love it. And I'll still keep taking photos. I hope there are more photo-walks in my future! The other reason I did it was to document my big-birthday-year, but as time went on this became less and less important. Life goes on. Who cares how old I am or what I did during that one-out-of-many-year-of-my-life. I'll remember what I need to remember. It was also really time consuming to put the posts together, so I certainly wont miss that. I've just been so busy lately, my priorities have shifted. And that's that.

I haven't thought about what I'm going to do with my full Picasa account, but likely I'm going to delete my 20 photo-a-day posts to free up that 0.5 GB of space. I might re-upload them in smaller sizes. I might not. Sorry if you enjoyed the posts. I'm sure if you google 'photo a day' you'll be able to find hundreds of other people doing this.

I'm now going to concentrate on taking fewer, but better photographs. Maybe I'll post some on this blog, maybe I'll post some to twitter, maybe I'll keep some to myself. I'm not sure what I'll do.

Again, apologies, but it's better this way. Trust me. I'm ok with how it turned out.