#Curling on TV: TSN Skins Game

What? More curling on TV? You bet!

The TSN Casino Rama Skins Game runs from Saturday January 22 to Sunday January 23. There are only three games, and it's skins format, so a bit different than what you're used to watching (unless you watched the Continental Cup last week). Skins is interesting, very strategic with lots of rocks in play, and there's a ton of money on the line.

Skins rules are as follows:
- Points/skin for each end goes up progressively as the game progresses.
- To win the points/skins, the team with the hammer has to score 2 OR the team without the hammer has to steal.
- If the team with the hammer only scores 1, or the end is blanked, the points/skins are carried over and added to the next end's points/skins.
Points can accumulate, and big ends for tons of points only add to the excitement!

Here's the TSN TV schedule, in mountain time because that's where I live!

Saturday, Jan 22
11:00am - Semi-Final #1: Koe vs. Murdoch
6:00pm - Semi-Final #2: Martin vs. Bernard

Sunday, Jan 23
11:00am - Final

Predictions? Wouldn't it be nice if Bernard won one for the women? Martin was on a role last week, so, well, we'll see what happens. Should be interesting though, if a bit different from the usual events, so be sure to tune in!


  1. I would be delighted to see Bernard stick it to the man, erm, men.


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