#Curling on TV: Continental Cup

It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for a long time – it’s Continental Cup time!! From January 13-16 I shall be in curling heaven.

This is a special curling event: it doesn’t count for money or points or national/world domination – ok maybe it does count for that last part. The Continental Cup pits together six teams (3 mens/3 womens) from North America (US/Canada) against 6 teams from the rest of the World (in this case China, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and Sweden).

Teams are as follows: 

North America:
Mens: Martin (CA), Koe (CA), Fenson (US)
Womens: Bernard (CA), Jones (CA), Brown (US)

Mens: Uslrud (NOR), Murdoch/Stockli/Lang/Strubin* (SCO/SUI/GER/SUI), Eden (SWE)
Womens: Wang (CHI), Schopp (GER), Ott (SUI)

It’s a great event, and teams cheer on each other and have fun. Because it’s a fun event, there will be regular games, mixed doubles, singles, and skins. Each game earns point, most points at the end of the weekend wins. The Continental Cup has been played six times before, and so far both North America and the World have won three times.

I’m extra excited because this year the Continental Cup is in town, in St. Albert (think suburb/borough of Edmonton), so I’m volunteering. I will likely watch the morning games in my pjs, watch the afternoon games live (or on a TV in the Patch or volunteer lounge) and am working the evening games, though I bet I’ll see a bit of the action too. There will be autograph signings, so I hope to get a bunch of autographs and ‘see’ a bunch of famous curlers – maybe the famous Norwegian curling pants, or the Koe boys again? And all the commentating will be broadcast over an FM radio channel. I bought an FM transmitter that attaches to my iphone/ipod so I intend to listen to all the games while I’m there. No one will notice if I have one headphone plugged in while I work my shifts eh? Follow my blog and I’ll let you know how it goes. And follow me on Twitter to get updates and photos!

Here’s the TV schedule  (Mountain time)– all games will be shown on TSN:

Thursday, Jan. 13
Women’s Team 8:30am
Mixed Doubles 1:30pm
Men’s Team 7:30pm

Friday, Jan. 14
Women’s Team 8:30am
Mixed Doubles 1:30pm
Men’s Team 7:30pm

Saturday, Jan. 15
A Skins 9:00am
Singles 2:00pm
B Skins 7:30pm

Sunday, Jan. 16
Women’s C Skins 11:00am
Men’s C Skins 6:00pm

While I’m not a huge women’s/skins fan, I’m sure I’ll see it all live or from my PVR. I’m kinda choked I’m missing all the men’s games because my shifts are in the evenings, but I can watch it on my PVR, or hopefully the TSN website later. I am super excited to see the mixed/singles games because they are rare occurrences and are only televised for the Continental Cup. Plus, it’s always extra awesome to watch games on more than one sheet. That’s the real benefit of live versus televised games. Sure, you get the commentary and close ups of one game when it’s on tv, but when you watch live you can watch all your favourite curlers play all your other favourite curlers, at the same time. It can be a bit distracting – sometimes you try watching everything but end up watching nothing, sometimes you don’t know where to look, sometimes you get annoyed you missed a big shot somewhere while you were watching somewhere else. But it’s still awesome. Go watch curling live if you can, it’s really special.

There’s only one more thing to say…bring it on!

*This means Murdoch doesn't have a Scottish team anymore. That's sad. He crashed and burned it seemed. Hope he can rebound!