#Curling on TV: Canadian Open

Oh my, so much curling on TV lately! Now it's time for the BDO Canadian Open!
This Grand Slam event runs from January 26-30th, 2011, and is in Oshawa, Ontario this year. Teams include: Martin, Epping, Ferbey, Simmons, Ulsrud, Fowler, Koe, Matchett, Howard, Bice, Higgs, Middaugh, Cotter, Walchuk, Stoughton, Corner, McEwen, and Kean. Lot's of big guns, and a couple new (to me) names in there, so it should be a great event. They'll also be doing a live chat with Martin and Stoughton, so keep an eye on the Grand Slam website and facebook page (me thinks it's time to start up a Grand Slam twitter account!).

I had a chance to go to this event, and it killed me to turn it down. I totally could've sorted out that twitter account! And met some twitter friends (you know who you are, I expect lots of tweets)! Woe is me. But I love my job (that would be the 'librarian' part of the header) and this is a super busy couple of weeks for me at the library - plus I'm still catching up on work (and sleep) from my Continental Cup vacation, and I agreed long ago to cat sit my favourite pair of troublemakers and I'm helping out with the Adult Learn To Curl lesson at my club ('helping out' meaning totally getting schooled myself, and of course meeting lovely curling people in the process) and I've invited some colleagues to a perogy supper so I can't abandon them.

My goal of attending a proper men's slam event thus remains unfulfilled for the moment.

So as usual, even though it starts on Wednesday, CBC will only show 3 games (and again you're screwed out of the semis-on-tv if you don't subscribe to Bold, but it'll be available live on that fuzzy, tiny screen in the corner of your laptop monitor - does anyone in Edmonton get Bold? I'll bring snacks...). And as usual, the following is in Mountain time.:

Saturday January 29
1:00pm - Quarters
CBC TV/CBCsports.ca

5:00pm - Semis

Sunday, January 30
11:00am - Final

When double checking the CBC website for times, I couldn't find any evidence that they were showing the semis at all, so there's a chance it wont be on. I assume I just missed it or it's just an oversight and someone forgot to update the widget. I wish they would do a nice TV schedule like TSN does.

Predictions? Eh, I'm not doing very good with these this season. I should just say Martin (Though honest, I'm tired of him winning everything this month, give someone else a chance! Get some new faces on TV! And then go back to winning it all in February - oh wait that's Alberta provincials month...), but McEwen is still playing well, and we all know Howard/Koe are my favs, so - I'll go with a Bernard/Jones final.