Photo Walk: The Alberta Legislature Grounds

Way back on December 6, 2010, I met a friend during our lunch breaks and we walked around the Legislature grounds taking photos. He gave me a whole bunch of tips, which I promptly forgot, so I think this is going to have to be a semi-regular occurrence!

As we were walking through downtown to the Leg, all of a sudden he stopped in an alley to take this photo, and I was all confused because it's just a door. He said "It's a cool shot because it's all symmetrical" and I was still confused because it's just a door, but I took the shot anyways. He was right though. It is a cool shot. I have so much to learn.

I still have a lot to learn about my camera (perhaps I should finally read the manual?) and I figure after a few lessons from my friend I might actually be able to finally take decent photos. Next time I need to take notes! This was only my second lunch out since I started working downtown in August and my first photo walk ever - it was super fun so I hope we do it again soon! 


  1. Those are fabulous, Lisa! I especially like the bridge trestle shot. Interesting notes about what you're learning from the doorway shots; I have a love of that kind of composition (and I haven't shown you my own photography before either, but I haven't added anything in a half-year):

  2. So my friend isn't the only one who takes door photos. The photo-a-day thing was helping my photography skills, but now I'm a bit uninspired by that so the photo walk was good. I need to be a more diligent student though and read my manual, but this was a good start!

  3. I think your photos are wonderful! Well done. I especially like the shots with the trees...really beautiful.


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