Photo-A-Day Week #15

December 13, 2010: I was trying to remember some tips from last week's photo walk. This was going to be the first in a series of Christmas decorations in my house. But then I it started snowing...

December 14, 2010: My Continental Cup of Curling uniform. Only twenty five days away!

December 15, 2010: View of Snowmaggedon 2010 from my friend's apartment. Looks pretty from up here - the roads however were not so pretty.

December 16, 2010: That is how deep the snow was that I shovelled off my driveway last night after Snowmaggedon 2010. It took me 75mins (usually only takes 15) and somehow I lost my watch in a snowbank. 

December 17, 2010: My replacement watch, same as my old one, just 17 years newer. Actually, I think the face is a bit bigger, but it's an acceptable replacement.

December 18, 2010: This is what the wind has done to the snow on my roof. One of these mornings it's going to fall on the journal delivery guy. I can't knock it down because I still can't lift my arms up after all that shovelling I did a couple days ago. To the left of the tree is the snowbank I think my watch is in. 

December 19, 2010: Still snowing...pretty though.