Photo-A-Day Week #13

For week lucky number 13, the theme unintentionally became 'in and around my kitchen'...

November 29, 2010: My most favourite lunch ever, and I do have it almost every day!

November 30, 2010: Ever seen a Kleenex box like this? Only in my aunt's house!

December 1, 2010: Curling clothes, ready to take into work so I don't show up to tonight's game in my dress pants.

December 2, 2010: The only habit I picked up and kept from the London years - having a nice and toasty warm hot water bottle at the end of my bed.

December 3, 2010: Potato-man vegetable scrubber and his friend the Santa-egg wisk, keeping watch from on top the stove.

December 4, 2010: View from my kitchen.

December 5, 2010: The best daily accompaniment to my morning breakfast.


  1. Re View from my kitchen: hey, now I can picture you in your natural curling-watching habitat!

  2. In the green rocking chair (not visible in the corner), with macbook on my lap, yep, that's about right.


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