#Curling on TV: The National

Curling-on-tv time again! So soon?!

The National Grand Slam men's event is in Vernon, BC this year. Teams include: Appelman, Edin, Martin, Montgomery, Park, Stoughton, Epping, Ferland, Geall, Howard, McEwen, Ursel, Bawel, Ferbey, Koe, Middaugh, Simmons, Walchuk. Quite the lineup!

It starts Wednesday but CBC will only be showing 3 games on the weekend so follow along online and set your PVRs! The following schedule is in Mountain timezone...

Saturday Dec. 18
1:00pm Quarter Finals: CBC/CBCsports.ca
7:00pm Semi Finals: CBCsports.ca/Bold

Sunday Dec. 19
11:00am Final: CBC/CBCsports.ca

Predictions? Another tough one. While I love a Martin/Howard final just as much as the next person, I'm kinda hoping it'll be another pair on Sunday, for a change. Let's go with McEwen/Koe.