#Curling on TV: Canada Cup of Curling

Yay! It's curling-on-tv again!

The Canada Cup of Curling is a men's and women's event, and of course all the big names will be there. Teams include:

Men's: Koe, Martin, McEwen, Ferbey/Gushue, Howard, Reid, Stoughton, Fowler, Camm, and Bawel
Women's: Bernard, Holland, Kleibrink, Lawton, McCarville, Scott, Jones, Nicols, Carey, and Nedohin

It's in my own province and I'm missing it! So close yet so far. Too bad, the competition will be excellent, and I totally would've volunteered!

Even though it starts today, TSN will only be showing 3 games on the weekend so follow along online and set your PVRs! The following schedule is Mountain timezone...

Saturday, Dec 4
1:30pm - Women's Semi-Final
6:30pm - Men's Semi-Final

Sunday, Dec 5
11:00am - Women's and Men's Finals

Predictions? That's tough, there's too many favourites in the pack! Let's go Jones and Martin for old times sake, but I'll be cheering on Koe/Howard and Kleibrink/Nedohin.