Rodeo Time Again!

The Canadian Finals Rodeo was back in town again.

Bareback Riding - I always love how beautiful the horses are!

I wrote a post last year about why I like rodeo, which relates to how I grew up. It's Alberta culture, and I like to share that, so I invited a bunch of friends to come see the rodeo this time round. I was the only who had ever seen the rodeo before, and tried to field their questions as best I could, but like I said to one friend sitting beside me - mostly I make up the rules and such!

Dean Brody singing 'Day-O'.

The cowboys and cowgirls were in fine form, as were the animals. I find the announcer's voice comforting, as he sounds the same every year, even if the drawl is fake (or not?). The clown was funny, the events exciting, the music loud - yep good night. Besides the events, Dean Brody came out to sing the anthem and a song later on (see above photo). The night before, a bull jumped over the fence into the crowd, but the night we went was rather tame as far as danger goes.

Bull Riding - my favourite because it's so exciting!

It was interesting to see everyone's reaction to the rodeo. I think all my friends had a good time? One jumped in her seat every time the calves got flipped during the calf roping or when the bulls tried to stomp on the cowboys. The others were clapping and watching intently, so I assume they liked it. Maybe some will come back next year? Regardless, I'll be back for sure!