Professional vs. Personal: The One Where Two Lives Clash on Facebook and Twitter

I've always worried about how to keep my professional and personal lives separate on the internet.

Sure, I'm a librarian, but you've probably noticed this isn't a 'librarian blog'. Instead it's a personal/curling/whatever-I-want blog that sometimes mentions libraryland. This doesn't win me any points in libraryland, but I feel it shows I'm a well rounded, involved, passionate, interesting individual who appreciates work/life balance. Plus, who doesn't love curling.

I'm also on Twitter, but I don't post libraryland stuff on their either. Often, usually during big televised curling events for which I happen to be tweeting live scoring updates, I feel sorry for the other librarians who follow me on Twitter. But hey, who doesn't love curling.

I'm on Facebook too, and that's interesting because I'm friends with people who belong to my social/personal life, but I'm also friends with librarians. This presents a bit of a problem, as really, the librarians I know don't need to know what's going on in my life (that's what's Twitter is for, again, sorry for those people I know on Twitter, but how can you not like curling?).

Right, so it's pretty apparent that I'm pretty visible on the internet. And that really doesn't help keep my professional and personal life separate. I am vigilant though and try to keep whatever I put online somewhat complimentary and tasteful. I know my employers will/have Googled me, and I'm mostly proud of all the stuff they'll find online about me.

But I've just come across a clash between my personal and professional life that is different from what I'm used to and I'm just not sure how to solve that.

And for an explanation, we need to move onto my second career: curling volunteering. In case you haven't been following me for awhile, curling volunteering is my parallel career. I volunteered for the 2009 Olympic Trials, plus a few events at my club, plus I'm currently on the board at my club, plus the 2011 Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship organizing committee, plus I'm a volunteer grunt at the 2011 Continental Cup of Curling in January (plus I'm thinking of joining a second curling club, but that's a story for another day). It's my goal to get on a 'big' organizing committee, like for a Brier or Scotties or Olympic Trials or Worlds. I'm working my way up.

So for the 2011 Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championships, I am the social media gal. I've created a 2011 Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championships facebook page, and tweet for the @11Wheelies Twitter account. The pages are pretty sparse right now as the event isn't until March, but things will pick up soon.

Here's the problem I have: I created the facebook page using my personal facebook log in. The Twitter account was created by the Wheelies chair. Thus, I can't hook up the facebook account to the Twitter account so that they will post content simultaneously.

I can get the Facebook account to post to my personal Twitter, but it will only post the content of my personal Facebook profile, not the Wheelies page. This is really annoying! That is going to take twice as long to update everything next March.

See my problem? It's finally happened - my professional life is conflicting with my personal life. Who knew it would be the curling world though. I always figured it would be libraryland that would blow up in my face.

So. Anyone know how to fix my facebook/twitter connection problem??


  1. Why not just change the @11wheelies twitter site to suit you. I don't need to post there. I can keep you updated, or I can be re-tweeted if necessary. make the changes, shut me out. And I'm totally cool with it.

  2. You can set each page to go to it's own Twitter account. I have a number of pages set-up, and they're each linked to their own Twitter account.

    Facebook kind of sucks in that, I don't know how to go about changing it once it's set. But you can definitely do that.

  3. Aha! Thanks punch-drunk, I will definitely try that. I've also heard Tweetdeck will do it somehow

    See Cathy, that's why the internet is awesome! I think I can now totally find a solution to keep us both tweeting!


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