Norwegian Pants Curling Commercial

Yes, I know, this has already made the rounds on twitter, but I'm reposting it anyways.

Because. This. Is. The. Best. Commercial. Ever.

Totally cheating. Totally funny. You laughed right? See, awesome video. Except I'm pretty sure those aren't Canadians. And where is Torger Nergard?

Seriously though, Pal Trulsen is high-larious. What's with the hot dog? Thomas Ulsrud does good though. Great acting. Fabulous hair. Like I needed more reasons to cheer for Team Ulsrud - good job boys! See you at the Continental Cup!

Like I said. Best. Curling. Commercial. Ever!

Oh, and nice pants!


  1. I've never seen that commercial before - it's great. Thanks :)

  2. and what about the navibot, is it as good as it seams?


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