Music Monday: Nicolas Pellerin et les Grands Hurleurs

Recently I gushed about my most favouritest Quebecois band, Le Vent Du Nord. (Seriously, go back and read the comments on that post, one of the awesomest things to ever happen to this humble curling librarian. Merci Olivier!). It's not really a secret that I really love the traditional Quebecois bands. I tend to stalk them annually at Folk Fest.

And now I've found a new Quebecois band to enjoy: Nicolas Pellerin et les Grands Hurleurs.

I first saw Nicolas Pellerin a couple years ago at Folk Fest when he was playing with Yves Lambert et le Bebert Orchestra (above). He's a good looking guy, plus he plays fiddle which is one of my favs. And he plays that beat box thingy (what is that called?) which is kinda cool. And he had the most amazing shoes...

Not lying, that was my favourite photo I took at that particular festival. It used to be my macbook wallpaper. Awesome shoes.

Anyways, so I found out somehow that Nicolas Pellerin formed a new band with one of the guys who also used to play with le Bebert Orchestra called Simon Lepage, and another Simon, called Simon Marion, who has played with Le Vent Du Nord - so naturally I figured I'd love this band.

Yep. They're good. And it's not just me who thinks so because they just won a music award! It's a bit different than most of the Quebecois Trad: sometimes they sound more orchestrated and song like, and less of the usual jig/reel repeat (or I guess that would be brandy/reel repeat, and this is why I'm a English librarian and not a French musician - I seriously lack the vocabulary). It sounds the same but different if that makes any sense.

How can you not love them - they have a song about a pirate! I think anyways, hard to tell, Google Translate isn't so accurate. I really wish I was bilingual. Regardless, it's going to be on my Top 5 songs of 2010 (maybe ever). Listen to short version of the pirate song Corsaire here. For the full length version, go to the Gala ASDIQ site and click Ecouter under their album cover (best six minutes of your day guaranteed) and then check out Le Vent Du Nord's songs while you're there!

Let me know if you want a CD. I'll direct you to my supplier.

I sure hope these guys show up at Folk Fest next year. Although, I'm hoping my next holiday will be a petite tour of Montreal-ish Folk Festivals next summer. I'm already counting down the days...

You can find Nicolas Pellerin et les Grands Hurleurs at:
NPelGH Official
NPelGH Myspace

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  1. He's not traditional, not in the slightest, but do you know of and like Jean Leloup? I was turned on to him by a woman in Montreal I was close to in the late 90s.

  2. Hmm, not bad, but not quite my thing. I like the more traditional folky stuff with fiddles and accordions and foot tapping. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll add Jean Leloup to my myspace delicious list!

  3. I love fiddles, accordions, mandolins, and other folk instruments and music. I mentioned Leloup because he's one of few Quebec musicians I've known about over on this side of the continent (until now; thanks for the tip about these folk musicians you've posted about).


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