#Curling on TV: Grey Power World Cup

I'm all giddy - it's finally time for curling-on-tv!

The Grey Power World Cup of Curling goes from Wednesday Nov. 3 to Sunday Nov. 7. The teams are: Edin, Jacobs, Martin, McEwen, Murdoch, Simmons, Appelman, Fowler, Howard, Middaugh, Ulsrud, Ursel, Gushue, Higgs, Koe, Matchett, Park and Stoughton. Yep, that's quite the line up, wish I could be there!!

Unfortunately curling-on-tv doesn't start until Saturday.

The broadcast schedule is as follows (Mountain time):

CBC TV/CBCsports.ca
Saturday Nov. 6 - 1:00pm Quarters

Saturday Nov. 6 - 5:00pm Semis

Sunday Nov. 7 - 11:00am Final

Yeah I know, that's only three games and three days of no coverage, but it's a start. When I'm in charge everything will be televised. Until then, follow the Grey Power World Cup of Curling website for scores.

And thus begins five months of happy curling-on-tv viewing!!


  1. Oh sure, in *your* country! I doubt I'll be so fortunate as to get web-streaming here via the CBC.

  2. Guess you'll have to move to Canada!! Besides blizzardy winter commutes, it's the best place ever to live.

    Do they show any curling on tv in the US?

  3. I would move to Canada in a heartbeat frankly, but that slow, expensive paperwork thing wouldn't make it easy.

    No, no curling whatsoever, except every 4 years during the Olympics when the US gets the kind of crush on it one associates with petting a cute puppy.


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