A Chilly Trip to Elk Island

Last week, a friend invited me out to Elk Island National Park for a hike/walk. We went in the summer, and I blogged about all the wildlife we saw, but this time the only animals we came upon were squirrels, or buffalo way way in the distance from the highway.

It was a bit chilly, so I was thankful for the layers I was wearing. Fortunately though, there were no mosquitoes this time. Only naked trees and brown grasses.

Though there were many cars in the parking lot, we only saw two pairs on our trail. We ended up doing trail #3, which passed by a number of lakes, so it was pretty even though it was quite brown.

My friend is sneaky: she said it was a 10km trail, but it was actually 12.6km! She also failed to mention the 'hills'. I'm not in super good shape, but was able to manage it without too much whining and complaining. We did take a short break at the campsite about half way through, which was much needed on my part as my legs were pretty tired by then and I was hungry. Unfortunately though, the rest of the way after the campsite was much chillier. I'm not sure if that's because we stopped and then got cold, or because the sun was slowly going down - a bit of both I suppose.

I reckon 13km is my limit though, as the last half, and especially the last quarter was a hard push. Perhaps I needed to bring more energy rich snacks. I also need to buy new shoes, as I've been nursing blisters on the backs of both feet this weekend.

It was good fun though - good exercise, pretty views and excellent company/conversation. This was probably the last chance to get out before winter sets in, so I'll have to look forward to another great day out at Elk Island next spring!


  1. You need to let me know next time you go out! I'd love an excuse to get back to Elk Island.

  2. Thanks for coming with me! I really thought the trail was only 10 km, AND I knew there were toilets at the parking lot, which was why I choose it. Next time there's good whether we can go out again and work up to the 16 km route on the south side of the highway!


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