So Men With Brooms (the tv show) made it's first appearance on the CBC last night. What did you think?

Meh. There were a few laughs. Some of the acting was ok (mostly over the top though, or is that just because I'm used to watching icy crime shows on networks other than CBC). The best part was Paul Gross' cameo. That's a bad sign, right? I really wanted to like it because I really like curling, but, meh. I'll give it a few weeks but will consciously try not to get attached. You know, just in case.

Anyways, what I really wanted to write about was some new scientific findings about curling regarding sweeping technique.

I play lead. I suck lots at delivering rocks, so I purposely try my very hardest when sweeping. I figure that's the only way I'll ever contribute to the team (oh please someone give me some coaching lessons!).

The Canadian Curling Association recently posted some Sweeping Secrets:

  • Sweeping doesn't melt the ice.
  • Good sweepers can carry the rock 6-7 feet.
  • A brush angled at 45-90 degrees has the most effect on the path of the stone.
  • Sweepers were most effective when they swept up to 3 feet in front of the stone only, and actually sweeping more than 3 feet in front of the stone was counter productive.
  • A third sweeper accomplishes basically nothing. sweepers as close to the stone as possible (both inside a 3 foot area in-front of the leading edge of the stone). 

Hmm. Interesting. I can do that.

Two weeks to go till my league starts...