Overheard at the Hockey Game...

Here's 'the good, the bad, and the ugly' as overheard at last night's Oilers hockey game...

...which was super awesome to watch! The atmosphere was incredible - loud and crazy and happy and exciting. They won 4-0 over the Calgary Flames (bitter rivalry in case you didn't know). It was like one game dissolved all disappointment from last year. Oilers fans now have hope.

And onto the OH's...

The Good:
"It's like a video game - too damn easy!"
Uttered by young-annoying-drunk-guy sitting in front of us. He got more, then less annoying as the night wore on. By the end he was big buddies with everyone in section. This pretty-darn-funny line was accompanied by strange dancing and plenty of "Kipper" voodooing.

The Bad:
"I can't believe I locked my keys in my trunk! I'm such an idiot!"
Um, this quote comes from me. No explanation necessary. Oops. My bad.

The Ugly:
"My eyes are too blue so I have to wear contact lenses."
Uttered by young-slutty-annoying-drunk-girl sitting in front of young-annoying-drunk-guy. Seriously?! You're eyes are too blue? What the heck is wrong with you??? Ok, people die their hair if they don't like the colour (which I'm also against but that's another story). But changing your eye colour because they're too blue! There is something seriously wrong with society if this is what people are doing. I wear glasses, have since I was 5 years old. I believe that when people wear glasses or contacts for fashionable purposes (ie. they don't need them, they just think it looks cool) that they are mocking my visual disability. I rant about this all the time. People think I'm crazy (I should totally blog about this sometime). No. I'm not crazy. People who wear contacts because their eyes are too blue are crazy! Ack, almost makes me loose my faith in young people.

Hanging out with hockey fans. Always interesting!

Anyways, it was all about the hockey in the end. Check out Eberle's first NHL goal - definitely sick!