Music Monday: Wajjo African Drummers

Last Saturday, a good friend invited me to the Ewe Multicultural Association of Alberta's 5th Annual 'Taste of West Africa' Celebration.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a fantastic night! The food was excellent - I'm not sure what everything was called but there was salad, a couple types of rice, chicken, fish, a cassava dish with shrimp, two types of cornmeal type cake things (my favourite was the Abolo - yum!), veg lasagna, two types of plantain and then cookies, squares and fruit for dessert. Sorry no picture, I'm not really a foodie.

Following dinner was a program of sorts, which included poetry, storytelling and music. Then there was a dance to popular African music (you could totally tell where the roots of R&B music is located!!).

The music during the program came from the Wajjo African Drummers - and they had a bagpiper with them! It was awesome! I love drum music, and I love pipes so it was great. Plus it got everyone up and dancing so it was a really good time.

All in all, a great evening. Everyone was super nice and super welcoming and I had a super time!

(EMAA is also on facebook)