Music Monday: Charlie Major Concert

The only music I listened to until I got to high school was country music. In fact, I never knew other radio stations, besides CISN Country, existed until then. True story.

Back in the day, country music was honest and good. Country music wasn't slutty or pop-ish like it is now. I rarely listen to country nowadays and I certainly don't attend country concerts (unless it's alt-country, and yes that's a different genre/subgenre, whatever it's different and better). 

But last week I went with my family on a nostalgic trip down memory lane - we went to see Charlie Major in concert. Charlie Major was the very first country musician I ever saw live (opening for Alan Jackson some time in the 90s) and I've seen him a few times over the years. I've liked every song he ever recorded, and appreciate that he's honest and real and not a sell-out.

It was a good show. His mic wasn't working at first so he sang the first song unplugged. The first set he played all acoustic, just him and his guitar and then the band came out for a more rockin' second set. Charlie Major was funny and told little stories between some songs. I'm pretty sure my Dad really enjoyed it, and he doesn't go to concerts all that often, so that counts as a successful evening.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed myself. He's been around for awhile, and I hope he stays around for a bit because I'd certainly see him live again!

You can find Charlie Major at: