Men With Brooms: Worth Watching?

CBC's new comedy Men With Brooms has been on for a few weeks now, so I figured it's about time I wrote a review.

First, a few disclaimers:

1. I love curling, thus I am preprogrammed to like a tv show with a curling theme/setting.
2. I love Men With Brooms the movie, thus I am preprogrammed to like the tv show.
3. I love Paul Gross, thus I am preprogrammed to like a tv show that features him as the narrator.
4. I don't like tv comedies, thus I am preprogrammed to dislike a Canadian comedy. Seriously. I like The Big Bang Theory and M*A*S*H. That's it. Mostly I think tv comedies are annoying, predictable and not funny. And I've never really watched the other 'popular Canadian comedies' like Corner Gas or Little Mosque on the Prairie. Plus, the last curling comedy CBC put out, called 'Throwing Stones' sucked. A lot.

(Watch curling themed episodes from Corner Gas and Little Mosque on the Prairie, plus see famous curlers in the Men With Brooms movie via the links from my previous post: Curling on the Big/Small Screen. And all the Men With Brooms episodes are available from the official website (which includes cartoon webisodes.)

So, there are certainly some reasons why I should like this show, and there are reasons why I should not like this show. What's the verdict?

Meh, it's alright. Will it get cancelled? Likely. Will I watch it until it does? Yes.

It's actually kind of funny, in a quirky, very Canadian self deprecating kind of way. There are certainly slow spots, but there are also funny moments - enough at least to hold my attention. It might be set partially in a curling rink, but it's not always about curling. It is a bit goofy, but so far hasn't crossed the line between goody and annoyingly stupid. Hasn't crossed the line yet anyways.

There are of course those added extras that I enjoy, like Paul Gross' narration and the online webisode cartoons.

The characters are mostly decent in theory. I like the bartender Tannis and the club manager Bill. Their acting isn't annoyingly over-the-top and the storylines concerning them have so far been funny. I sort of like the two male leads, Gary and Matt. Gary is sufficiently awkward and Matt usually plays big-dumb-teddy-bear decently well. Sometimes these two are annoying though. I find the couple who own the doughnut shop (how's that for a cliche?), Pramesh and Rani, very annoying. Both of their acting is a bit over-the-top and fake, especially in the case of Pramesh. Gosh his character is annoying (but is more annoyingly growing on me as the weeks go by). Oh and then there's April, the female romantic tension. Nope, don't like her either, same reason as Pramesh. Annoying (and she isn't growing on me).

Ok, so there's actually a lot of annoying about MWB. Would I still be watching it if it wasn't loosely based around curling. No. But I'll keep watching anyways. The shows have either gotten better as the weeks go on, or I'm just more used to it. I guess you could say it's growing on me. Check it out, maybe it'll grow on you too. (That, or you'll find it annoying, and in that case you could just switch the channel to Castle, which also annoyingly grew on me. Oh Nathan Fillion, too bad you weren't a curler!)