New Camera: Art Filters

I bought a new camera!

(Thanks Jay for making me buy it! We all know I would've dithered over it for months had you and Finn not taken me shopping!)

It's a Olympus E-PL1 Micro Four-Thirds DSLR with a 14-42mm lens, in black. I'm a newbie so don't really know what all those numbers mean, but I was told it would be better quality than a point-and-shoot and easier to use than a regular DSLR.

I haven't really read the manual yet, but I did charge the battery and venture out into my backyard to take a bunch of pictures. So far, yes, it's pretty easy to point-and-shoot, but it does other things too.

Nevermind learning how to take regular photos, for my first lesson I decided to test the Art Settings:

And then I was having so much fun I had to take more of some lawn ornaments*:

So there you have it. Cool photo effects, effortlessly. I expect I shall take most of my photos with the Pop Art filter, because it's my fav - love those vibrant colours!

*FYI, my parents have lot's of terribly tacky lawn ornaments. Expect my favourite one to appear on my Photo-A-Day post this coming Sunday! I briefly thought about doing a week long series of lawn ornaments, but as my Photo-A-Day challenge is in some way supposed to reflect my life over the year, I likely wont because I don't even like many of them. Unless I run out of ideas today...


  1. No prob, Lisa. Next time you're over, we can go through a few things together.... there are quicker ways of taking a picture with that "Pop Art" technique than using the Art Filter.


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