Music Monday: Kaleido Festival + Delhi 2 Dublin

On Saturday I checked out the Kaleido Festival. It's a big street festival that includes art of all kinds in an area of town that is currently undergoing a reputation facelift. Not one for art, I just went in the evening for some of the music.

While I was only there for about 4 hours, I definitely caught the vibe. There were hipsters and hippies, street folk and old folk, families, couples and lone wolves - all hanging out together in front of the main stage in what must've been a parking lot. They had metal benches set up, and a whole bunch of fire pits blazing which was good because as soon as the sun went down the temperature dropped. Seriously, I could see my breath. It was a great time though!

Here are some pictures and thoughts about the musicians I saw. If you want to hear me gush about how awesome Delhi 2 Dublin are, skip to the bottom.

Automobile orchestra - only funny until the drivers stopped following the conductor.

Colleen Brown Band - not my thing but she can sure sing.

Chris Wynters - formerly of Captain Tractor, it was a nice mellow set.

Karen Porkka Trio - had the kids and the dancers out.

Jacob and Lily - actually Caleb Friesen and Karla Adolphe - I quite enjoyed them, again nice and mellow with some hand clapping to warm us up.

Booming Tree - the taiko drummers mesmerized the frozen crowd.

John John - the MC, not sure who he is but he was funny and entertaining.

And then all of a sudden, at 10pm, a couple hundred more people magically showed up for Delhi 2 Dublin...

And we danced and danced and danced like happy, warm, dancing fools. Wow, what a great set. I'd heard a CD so I knew it would be awesome, and they totally didn't disappoint! Imagine Bollywood meets Celtic electrified and that's what they are - awesomeness!

Here's the crappy video I shot of a bunch of their songs. If you can get past the terrible quality video and audio, you might get a sense of how awesome it was. Skip it if you want and just watch their new music video.

I really don't have words to describe how awesome their concert was. The freezing cold crowd moved from huddling around the fires or sitting shivering on the cold metal benches to right up in front of the stage. The hipsters were dancing with the hippies who were dancing with the street folk who were dancing with the old folk who were dancing with the families who were dancing with everyone else. It was magical - such a lovely, unpretentious, safe and friendly bouncing bunch. There were hula hoop people and a poi fire spinner dude. At one point I turned to find a gentleman-of-questionable-character dancing beside me. He was swigging out of a bottle of whiskey, which he politely offered to me. Normally this would've maybe freaked me out a little, but I declined, he shrugged his shoulders and the crowd kept dancing. Seriously, it was really really lovely.

We danced and sang and raised out hands in the air.

And then it was done and we all went home.

You must check out Delhi 2 Dublin! They're playing a gig at The Starlite on November 25 - be there, it'll be epic!

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