Music Monday: Happy Birthday Edition

Today is my birthday.

I have been alive 10,956 days. Seems like a lot. I've already outlived Hank Williams, Heath Ledger, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Buddy Holly (source).

Last year I posted about famous people and events that shared Sept. 6.

This year, since it's Music Monday, I thought I'd post about my Ukrainian heritage.

Happy birthday in Ukrainian can be said/sung in three ways (I think, I don't actually really speak the language much):

1. Многая Літа (Mnohaja Lita) = "Many Years"

This is the traditional religious greeting, and is often said at weddings and other times too. My favourite Mnohaja Lita version comes from the Ukrainian hour on 790 CFCW am radio (7-9pm every Sunday), which they play in the middle of the radio show to wish everyone happy birthday for the week. This is the closest version to it I could find on youtube (ignore the awkward wedding pose, in fact, close your eyes and just listen - it's a terrible video)

There's another way to sing it, which you can listen to here.

2. З днем народження (Z dnem narodžennia)

I guess this means more like "Happy birthday". Must be time for the Ukrainian Power puppets:

3. The usual "Happy Birthday" song, but sung in Ukrainian, can be heard here.

And that's it for birthday songs in Ukrainian!

I'll leave you with my most favourite Ukrainian song/dance - Hopak: