Let The Photo-A-Day Challenge Begin

Monday was my birthday. It was a 'milestone' birthday and I had a hard time with it, but since my hair didn't all of a sudden turn grey overnight, I'm ok with it now.

I've been thinking about doing a photo-a-day challenge for awhile now, and figured my milestone birthday would be a great place to start. First, it would be a good excuse to collect some birthday $$ to buy a new camera. (By the way, I'm thinking about getting this one, just waiting for prices to go down a bit, and I haven't actually tested it yet so that might change.)

Second, it might be kind of neat to look back on what my year was like. This is the main reason I'm going to do doing trying to do the photo-a-day challenge. I don't intend to improve my photography skills, but I do intend to get a really great archive out of it all.

The first photo - September 6 today and a long time ago...

I started on Monday, and after only three days in, it's proving to be a challenge! Mostly that's because I'm busy with my new job, so I forget to take a picture until later in the evening, then I fret about what to shoot. So I doubt the photos will be very interesting or coherent or entertaining but I'm trying.

I've decided to upload them weekly on Sunday nights, so expect to see week one in a couple days. If I keep it up that is. I hope it gets easier once I get into it, though failing certainly is an option at this point!


  1. Well done. A good idea (Sunday photo week in review) and a good first shot.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! :) Looking forward to seeing your photos.


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