Curling Team Shake Up: Summer Recap

It's curling time again!

There were a couple "not-on-tv-pro" events last weekend and a couple more this weekend*, so it's only a matter of time before a) I start posting curling tv schedules and b) I spend most of my time watching curling on tv. And yes, I'll be playing again this year, so stay tuned for news about that.

In case you missed all the curling news that happened over the summer, here's a list of some curling team (et al) news:

And don't forget, Men With Brooms starts this Monday on CBC!!

It's hard to say how much I'll post about curling this year as I'm pretty busy with my new job. I will definitely try to post tv schedules (mountain time, sorry folks) and about my curling-event-volunteering-adventures.

For more awesome curling news, follow The Curling News blog, and any others in my curling blogroll on the right side of my blog. A new blog has recently emerged - Gripper Bits. She's got more info about the this year's teams by province (must reads) and hopefully will continue to regularly list event winners. Twitter is also a great place to follow curling news/teams, check out my curling list for ideas about who to follow.

And let the season begin!!

* The Shoot-Out is on in Edmonton at the Saville Centre. I totally would've gone and watched but they didn't have any info for spectators on the website, and I didn't have time to call. Someone should hire me to sort out their websites - I'd bring the fans in!


  1. Men With Brooms is delayed until October sometime. :(

  2. Aha yes, I just checked and it starts Oct. 4! Apparently the 3D documentary of the Queen takes precedent!


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