2011 Continental Cup of #Curling: Volunteer Rally #1

Tuesday night was the first Volunteer Rally for January's Continental Cup of Curling event.

First, I made a mistake in my last post when I said it was being held at the St. Albert Curling Club - it's actually going to be held at Servus Credit Union Place (a HUGE rec centre in St. Albert). So there will be more seating than I thought. Still not enough for me to grab a freebie. And FYI, tickets will go on sale in a couple weeks (I think Oct. 15 but might've heard wrong).

And onto the volunteer rally...

The night started out poorly when I discovered my route to Servus Place was closed due to construction. Instead, I had to drive through random country roads to get there, which made me slightly late and annoyed because the road was full of huge holes and I was worried I'd damaged my car (worst road I've ever driven on ever!).

But then, waiting for me in the Servus parking lot was a sign of good curling to come - Blake McDonald (of team Koe, one of my favourite teams!) and his cute giggly daughter where walking out to their car.

Now I'm no fan-girl so I didn't bother them, but I took it as a good sign that the event in January will be full of exciting surprises!

That was the most exciting part of the rally. Since I'd done this before, I knew what to expect and the rally didn't deviate from those expectations either way. You can read my post about the Olympic Trials Roar of the Rings first Volunteer Rally here.

First, I lined up, paid my $100 and got my sizing sheet. Then we waited (annoying since I was on a very tight time schedule). And waited. Finally the volunteer director gave somewhat of a speech. Jackie Ray isn't in charge again this year like she was for the Olympic trials, which is too bad as she was super funny. The speech was just meant to welcome us, introduce us to the team leaders, and plug the sponsors.

Next, I went to the uniform area to try on sizes for the event uniform. Drum roll please...the Continental Cup uniform will be...

  • a blue v-neck short sleeve t-shirt made of 'sporty' fabric (as in it's not cotton, more like a running t-shirt)
  • a black long sleeved cotton mock turtle neck
  • a beige jacket (may be fleece lined, can't remember)

...all of which will be crested with the logo of course!

I'm not such a big fan of the turtle neck, but it'll keep us warm. The t-shirt will be great to curl or run in after the event and I don't have a beige jacket so it's all good.

Following that, I got my photo taken for the accreditation badge, grabbed a complimentary timbit, and chatted briefly with my team leader about scheduling. Before leaving, I got the usual complimentary loot bag. This year's 'prizes' included: pens, a pencil, a St. Albert 150 Anniversary temporary tattoo and brochure of events, $5 off $25 at Boston Pizza, a bottle of water, and a metal water bottle branded by one of the sponsors.

As usual everyone was very nice. I chatted to a woman in the photo line who had never volunteered before but had managed to get on the transportation team - which would be awesome because you'd get to chat to all the teams (and I keep forgetting there will be international teams there too, I'm a sucker for curling boys with accents). I also spotted who I think was (the old) team Ferbey's fifth, Don Holowaychuk, who I think is my mom's cousin or somesuch, but I don't know him and wasn't quite sure it was him anyways.

So it'll be a fun event again - I'm looking forward to it! January seems so far away...