2011 Continental Cup of #Curling: Volunteer Assignment

As mentioned previously, I finally got my volunteer crew assignment for January's Continental Cup of Curling event - hosting/serving in the Volunteer, Media and Sponsors’ Lounges. Sounds pretty fun, eh?

Well, this weekend I got to talk to the team leader about it.

I remember there being volunteers making sure there was enough food/drinks in the volunteer lounge while I worked the Olympic trials, and that will sort of be my job now too. I'll have to keep the volunteer, media, sponsor, and athletes lounges stocked with food and drinks. Most of this will involve set up and replenishing - it sounds like there will be lots of hauling boxes/cases/empties of whatever/garbage from one place to another. That's fine, I'm not scared of hard labour and I didn't really think the job involved schmoozing with famous folks anyways. I don't schmooze, but maybe I'll 'run into' someone exciting again.

Over the course of 5 days, I have to put in 20 hours. That shouldn't be too hard and should leave me lots of time to watch a couple of the 3 draws per day (plus I'll set my pvr, so it's a win-win really). During the Olympic trials which were held at Rexall (NHL arena, seats like 18,000), the volunteers were allowed to sit and watch in a particular section without having to buy tickets (although I'll tell you a secret, we just filled up any empty seats and I ended up in row 13 most of the time).

Well, the Continental Cup is being held at the St. Albert Curling Club. That's right, not a hockey arena, a curling club, so seating will be limited. They're expecting a sell out, so volunteers are not allowed to sit and watch for free.


Let me just mention I'm paying to volunteer - $100. I assume this usually goes to the uniforms, and really am quite glad to pay to help out at the event as it's going to be awesome good fun. But I kinda was hoping we would get to watch for free. This volunteer fee is already an increase of $25 from the trials, and the cup is half as long - kinda disappointing really.

To be fair the team leader mentioned I could buy tickets (nope, not if I have to pay already) or watch from the tvs in the volunteer lounge or the Patch (the beer gardens). Seems kind of strange to be sitting in a lounge watching a game that's going on in the next room, but I suppose it'll have commentary with it, and I'm sure I'll get to sneak peaks at the draws. Plus I'm sure the company will be friendly. Hey, who knows, I could have extra good luck like the trials and find a fancy empty seat in row 13 again.

The first volunteer rally is tonight, so expect another post later this week with uniform details!