Music Monday: Le Vent du Nord

Since Folk Fest a couple weeks ago, I've been listening to one band on constant repeat/shuffle  - Le Vent du Nord.

They were my Folk Fest 2010 favourite of the festival, and even after two weeks of constant car company, I'm not ready to switch out the cds just yet.

I've been listening to Quebecois music for years, and can honestly say LVDN are one of the best bands out there. They are great singers/musicians and seem to be really nice guys. Sure, I don't understand 99% of the words, but musically - c'est fantastique!

I'll let the music speak for itself - take 5 minutes to listen, and I guarantee you'll be tapping your foot by the end...

(with Nicolas Pellerin - the Legolas of Quebec)

You can find LVDN at:
Le Vent du Nord official
Le Vent du Nord myspace
Le Vent du Nord facebook
Le Vent du Nord wikipedia

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  1. thanks a lot! hope to see you soon!
    Le Vent du Nord

  2. Come back to Alberta soon then!


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