Music Monday: Captain Tractor

I remember Captain Tractor from back in the day, like back in the high school day! I'm pretty sure I had a cd - they were a cool band from Edmonton and that was a rarity in those days (at least to my knowledge anyways). Imagine my surprise then, when I saw they were scheduled to play ATaste of Edmonton on the night I had planned to go!

A Taste of Edmonton isn't a local festival I particularly enjoy, but it was fun to sit on the stairs and listen to Captain Tractor for awhile. They sound just like I remember. It'll be interesting to see if their new cd makes some waves.

Check out some vintage Captain Tractor:

The pirate song was filmed at everyone's favourite place to loiter, West Edmonton Mall (obviously).

You can find Captain Tractor at:
Captain Tractor official
Captain Tractor wikipedia
Captain Tractor myspace


  1. The power of the Tractor!!! Seeing them live (along with Trad on tap) are the 2 things I miss most about living in Edmonton. Hopefully they'll play a gig somewhere when I'm home for the Continental Cup.

  2. They did say they had a new cd coming out, sounds like a comeback to me!

  3. I was there, the fat guy dancing in the front row, rocking the hell out. Captain Tractor remains my favorite band, hells yeah.

  4. I was just surfing around, doing some shameless self promotion, and I happened upon this. Thanks for the mention. Just letting you know that the Edmonton CD release show for Captain Tractor's new album, FAMOUS LAST WORDS, will be at the Roxy Theatre on Friday, May 13, 2011. Here's a link to a Facebook event page with more info:

    Chris Wynters
    Captain Tractor

  5. Cool! I'll have to check it out!


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