It's Folk Fest Time Again!!

It's that time of year again - my favourite four days of the year - it's time for the Edmonton Folk Music Festival!!

Yes, I will once again, for the ninth year in a row, be spending the next four days braving the elements to sit on a hill and listen to brilliant folk music. Technically it should be five days, but we are missing out on the Wednesday night fundraiser show. Why? Because we don't really know Van Morrison because we are kinda young, and it was expensive, and five days last year was tooooo long which made Sunday even more exhausting. And sorry, if you want to go you can't, it sold out super quick!

This year I'm mostly looking forward to stalking the Quebecois boys and going to the Ceilidh session. And of course meeting old and new friends. Speaking of, sadly two of our usual tarp mates wont be there this year because they have a beautiful new baby boy - they will be missed. So this year will be full of 'new' experiences.

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You can follow the festival via the twitter hashtag #efmf - otherwise I'll catch up with you next week!