Folk Fest Blogging

I've been asked/volunteered to write a bit for a local unofficial Edmonton Folk Music Festival blog that was put together but a local tweeter.

I suppose the intention is to post concert reviews and photos in a timely fashion, but I don't have a smartphone so that's out. Also, my concert reviews go something like this:
"The Quebecois bands are awesome!! I love fiddles and accordians and banjos because they're awesome and the French boys are cute!! And that three hour ceilidh, wow that was so awesome! Magic, it was magic! And [insert big name main stage headliner that everyone else thinks is amazingly awesome] was just a bit meh so I went home early to get some sleep." 
Yeah, no one wants to read about that. I'll leave the concert blogging to someone else.

So I've written a couple posts about going to the festival:
Folk Friends
Q&A for Newbies

See you on the hill!

(Folk Fest 'awesome' tally for this post: 4)