A Trip To Elk Island National Park

Last week, a couple friends and I headed out to Elk Island National Park for a hike walk. I've lived in Edmonton most of my life, yet have never been to Elk Island, unless driving by on the highway counts. That's shocking because this beautiful park is less than an hour from home.

The coolest part was our drive into the park. Not a minute after I turned off the highway, this crossed the road:

Yep, that's a moose!

Shortly after we spotted the moose, this made it's way onto the road:

And that's a buffalo!

I've seen buffalo as we drove passed the park on the highway, and once on a farm, but never this close before. I wasn't sure what to do, so we waited for it to return to the side of the road and then drove by slowly as it headed into the bush again.

Now that's wildlife!

We eventually parked in one of the small lots, and then headed out on a 10km hike down one of the many trails. As it was already late in the evening, and the mosquitoes were out in force, we only managed about 4km before heading home. It was really humid and foggy by the end, but really gorgeous.

The entrance to the trail.

More wildlife, this time a frog...toad...whatever.

And the fog rolls in - time to go home.

There was tons of flowers too, not sure why I didn't take any pictures of them?

It was a lovely way to spend an evening. I can't believe I've never been before. I wish I could get out there more often and one day do a longer hike!