Trip to the Capilano Suspension Bridge

I'm home from my Vancouver vacation, but still wanted to post about something 'different' I did. I've been to Vancouver before, so while I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the sights (I'd already mostly seen) and hanging out with my friend, I did have a mini-adventure.

I was hoping it would've been an epic adventure, but what do you expect for $27.

What, wait, $27? Back up.

One day last week I decided to check out the hype that is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. They run a free shuttle from downtown, so between that and the two interpretive walks I tagged along to (one explaining the totem poles, one a nature walk), it was almost worth the $27 (and that's the student price, it's $35 regular price). I thought the park area would be really big, worthy of a couple hours of walking, but instead it took a couple minutes to get over the bridge (and back) and then I think I could've probably walked the whole thing in half an hour if I hadn't tagged along to the nature walk etc. It was real pretty though.

Let the photo tour commence!

Some of the many totem poles at the Interpretive Centre.

View from the Interpretive Centre side.

It was very wobbly and bouncy! And high up. Not for the faint of heart.

There was a rookery too - the hawk's name was Smaug.

Some trees were so tall you couldn't see the tops!

Quaint fish pond.

No kidding!

Treetops Adventure - not quite as bouncy as the bridge nut also very cool.

Treetops from the ground.

Nature Walk.

The bridge from below.

And the nature walk continues...

Time to walk back over the bridge!

View of the river from the bridge.

I took about a hundred pictures. I really was beautiful.

Over all I reckon it's worth the trip once but not twice. Apparently the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is shorter but free, and Grouse Mountain has some fun stuff to do (ziplines!), so I reckon I'll be back to the area next time I visit Vancouver!