A Sporty Sort Of Weekend

I'm a sports fan, of the watching as opposed to playing variety. The only sports I wont watch are American football and basketball (although I'm willing to give both another shot at some point). I have a healthy appreciation for hockey and am an avid Edmonton Oilers fan who is lucky enough to see a few games a year. I like watching baseball and equestrian in the summer and I love the Winter Olympics and pretty much all winter sports. I've recently become addicted to roller derby and obviously you know I'm obsessed with curling.

But this is what I've been doing for the past couple weeks.

I have watched more World Cup football thus far than I watched the Stanley Cup playoffs this year. And I don't didn't even like football. I hated playing it as a child. Sure, I had a passive appreciation for it when I lived in the UK. I kept up enough to know the names of the teams and a few star Premiership players so I could chat to the students at school. I was in the UK for one Euro and one World Cup and shared the disappointment with the rest of the country when England got knocked out. I watched a friendly between Fulham and Glasgow, and saw Norwich lose a couple times. But I never really liked the game much.

Now, however, I think it is one of the best sports to watch. I now totally appreciate the athletic ability of the players. It's not just people running around for 90mins: I can now see the extreme skill and fitness required. I will be a football fan long after the World Cup is over.

Anyways, besides watching Spain win this weekend (best looking team by the way), I managed to watch a couple other of my favourite sports.

First up, a couple friends and I went to see the Edmonton Capitals baseball team pound the Calgary Vipers 8-2. I went to a Capitals last year, and I still think it's one of Edmonton's great nights out. Tickets are cheap (under $20) and hot dogs/food/beverages are cheap too. Sitting in the sun, watching some good baseball, what more could you ask for??

The next night, a bunch of us went to see the roller derby. Roller derby has become a bit of a reoccuring theme for my friends and I. We've been going almost monthly this spring/summer, and each time the group grows as we evangelize more and more people to the awesomeness of the sport.  Once again it's a cheap (tickets are $15) and exciting night of sporting entertainment.

There are two 'leagues' in Edmonton, the Oil City Derby Girls (out of the north side) and E-Ville (out of the south side). We tend to go to the E-Ville games, and by now know all the names of the derby girls and (most) of the rules. I entered a contest over at The Edmontonian blog and won two tickets!! They were looking for Edmonton themed derby names, and my 'West Edmonton Maul' was a favourite. Read the rest of the awesome suggestions in the comments section of the blog post.

The bout was E-Ville vs. Seatle's Rat City. And suprise guest, Paul Lorieau (the anthem singer for the Edmonton Oilers) sang the anthems! They even gave him a t-shirt and an honorary derby name: Paul 'the Punisher' Lorieau.

The game was awesome!! E-Ville clobbered Seattle 125-85. Seattle was picked to beat Edmonton because Seattle are ranked 5th in the US, but they only had seven original players in town, and had to pick up the rest from Calgary, Red Deer and Regina. Team dynamics were a bit different and they got beat pretty good, but it was a victory for E-Ville nonetheless. The game was fast and physical - awesome!!

Ok, so it's hard to take pictures when the lighting sucks and they're moving so fast, plus I was too busy watching and cheering. If you want to see better pictures, check out the E-Ville Gallery. Follow them on facebook and twitter while you're at it and come see a game!

I think I might be addicted to roller derby. I wonder if they sell season tickets?

So, yeah, I've been watching a lot of sports lately. And I've been loving every minute. 

Why am I still single?!


  1. It was an awesome night at roller derby, agreed! :)


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