Music Monday: Theatre Under The Stars

Recently, while I was in Vancouver, I saw two musicals as part of the 'Theatre Under The Stars' series - this year's musicals were 'Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat' and 'Singing In The Rain'. The annual outdoor shows are put on in Stanley Park, which is a beautiful venue. Overall, they were quite well done and I enjoyed both very much.

I really, really like musicals. Remember I lived in London, England for four years, so I've seen a crap-ton of shows. In fact, I've dedicated a whole page over at my other blog to rating the musicals I've seen.

Here are my favourite songs from the musicals I saw in Vancouver:

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - I didn't want to see this at first back in 2004 because I thought it was stupid and cheesy. But now I love it and have seen it half a dozen times, at least! Now I think it's fun and cheesy! This video is the audio from the finale megamix, with random footage of the 1991 production (sorry, couldn't find the Donny Osmond megamix version and actually can't remember if it's in the movie, so Jason Donovan will have to do)

Singing In The Rain - This video comes from the movie, which is one of my favourites -  and as a bonus I've included the vintage Kurt Browning figure skating routine.