Library Blogging at Re:Generations

For the past year or so, I have been fortunate to be the student representation for Re:Generations. Re:Generations is a committee of the Canadian Association of College and University Libraries (CACUL), which is itself a division of the Canadian Library Association (CLA). Re:Gen's mandate is to engage new and prospective (academic) librarians.

Mostly my involvement has been attending meetings (over the phone, though the group is moving towards using Skype), helping to organize an ambassador visit to my library school, and blogging regularly for the Re:Generations blog.

As new librarian, the bulk (ok, every single one) of my posts have presented a concern, and then asked (begged) for advice from wise veteran librarians. My time as a student rep for Re:Gen has come to an end, so I figured I'd link to all my posts from here, for future reference. Please have a read if you'd like; there are some great gems of knowledge in the comments section.

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Seeking Project Management Advice
Job Search Success for Library Students

The blog was migrated from Blogger to Wordpress at one point, so the formatting of old posts is all screwed up (grr). I hope you enjoyed the posts (and comments) nonetheless!