Music Monday: Rock Band Track Packs

I recently got a whole haul of Wii games from the Edmonton Public Library, and figured I'd give you a short review of the two Rock Band Track Pack games I picked up.

First of all, a track pack, is (in my understanding) just an extra game with more music on it. There are only around twenty songs per game, but you can play with the whole band. You don't need the original Rock Band, and the games will work with any Guitar Hero/Rock Band instruments. Apparently they are just collections of previously available downloadable content. I suppose the retail price is cheaper too?

Anyways, here goes...

1. Rock Band Country Track Pack (2009)
Who doesn't love country music? Ok. Lot's of people - but I grew up on it so figured I'd try it out. There have been a few country songs on other GH/RB games, but usually they suck. Seriously. Some country songs just weren't made for GH/RB. I found this to be the case with the first few songs, as they were slow and boring, but the pace picked up and I enjoyed the game over all. There are only 21 songs, most of the fast so no country-love-song-ballads. Check out the song list. I tried most of then, but only made it through about half (not because I got kicked off the stage, but because they were boring to play or I just didn't like the song). The best song by far is 'Sin Wagon' by the Dixie Chicks, and it was cool to sometimes play the banjo/fiddle/steel guitar parts.

The worst thing about this game? The sets/character avatars/crowd. I guess designers figured if they put a cowboy hat on a GH/RB character that means their country. Seriously. County musicians don't dress like that usually. And I've never seen a mosh pit at a country concert, fans are usually more subdued (although I haven't been to a country concert in a few years, so maybe that's changed?). It just looked...wrong. The entire game was like one big Big and Rich show, which was kind of annoying actually.

Would I buy this game? No, it's a decent game but I reckon you'd have to really be a country music fan (something I've grown out of) to get the most out of it.

2. Rock Band Metal Track Pack (2009)
Don't tell, but I'm a close metal fan (seen Metallica twice, no kidding - bet you thought I only listened to banjos and accordians!). Guitar Hero Metallica is one of my favourite Wii games (right behind my Wii Fit and Rabbids) so I had high hopes for this one.

But I was very, very disappointed.

Check out the song list - again there are 20 songs in this one. Three songs are from Guitar Hero 3, so I skipped those, but I did try most of the rest. However, I only finished 2. Out of 20. And not because I suck, actually I found game play on this one to be more challenging and more fun than the country track pack. And the sets/characters seemed much more logical and fun.

I just really didn't like the songs. At all.

Would I buy it? Heck no. Guitar Hero Metallica is a million times better.

The Future
Look, I know we're a small market, but please wont someone put out Tragically Hip Hero? Or at least a Rock Band Canadian Track Pack? There is so much awesome talent in this country, it would make one heck of an awesome game!!