More Mac Woes

Back on April 27, 2010, I posted a photo and ranted about how my beloved macbook case had cracked along the side.

Since it's a manufacturing material defect, the Apple Store fixed it no questions asked. The also fixed my glitchy iSight camera, a reoccurring problem I've had since I bought my laptop two years ago. Because it's under warranty, the Apple Store also fixed it no questions asked. Though I had to leave me mac with them for a week, I got back my fixed up baby on May 12.

Unfortunately, despite the Apple Store being awesome, it was all for naught.

On May 22, a mere 10 days after I got my macbook back, the iSight camera glitch returned.

And on June 9, the case/faceplate cracked along the bottom. It's pretty much the same crack as what happened in April, except it's closer to the trackpad button. Seriously, another crack?! It's been like six weeks!!!

And to top it all off, they've just released Safari 5. Last July, I upgraded from Safari 3 to Safari 4. And my browser crashed every 5 minutes for two months, until they finally released a patch. I'm partial to Safari, but am now scared to download the new version.

What is going on?! A good run of bad luck for certain! I'm not going to bother getting the iSight fixed again - I'm reconciled to the fact my macbook camera is glitchy and that's how it's just going to be. It only breaks 10% of the time and fixes itself upon restart, so I'm ok with that.

However, I am going to go and get the faceplate replaced again. The Apple Store Genius said it's a defect so they'll fix the problem forever. I wont rush out to the mall asap, but will take it on my next trip.

Honestly, I love my macbook and wouldn't go back to PC for anything. I guess I'll just have to get used to having a slightly imperfect laptop. My warranty is good until Jun 2011, and if it ever becomes unfixable I'll just buy a shiny new one!

Has anyone else had similar issues with their mac?