Future Blog Uncertainty: A Rant Solves It All For Now

The other night, I got to thinking about this blog, and my other blog, and facebook and twitter and how it all fits in with my new professional identity.

What started this all (this time around anyways)? There was a blog post title Reflections on Blogging on ACRLog, a blog belonging to the Association of College & Research Libraries. The author writes about how blogs have morphed from personal journals to news outlets, and asks if blogging (in a form such as this blog) is dead now that Twitter etc is taking over. Read the post, it's quite interesting.

Thinking about this issue isn't new, I actually spend a lot of time mulling over a bunch of things:

  • Has Twitter replaced blogging (for me)? Do I have anything new to share? Isn't most of this content already on Twitter? 
  • Should I be more worried about the copyright implication of passing on links, reposting stuff and embedding Youtube videos?
  • Will maintaining this blog be difficult once I get a real librarian job?

Oh the whole Twitter issue. I love Twitter, but I have noticed it's effect on my blogging. I don't tend to repost links to cool stuff anymore, because likely the link came from somewhere on Twitter so everyone's seen it already, and my blog gets posted on Twitter too so that's a double repost which is a bit redundant. 

I haven't figured out how to reconcile with the copyright implications. That's a thought in progress.

Yes this blog is time consuming, but I managed to keep it alive during grad school, I can probably continue the life support through the first bit of an actual career.

I'm not sure where this leaves my travel blog though. That's a ton of work to pull together, especially uploading the photo slideshows. And I don't really travel much anymore, so is it worth keeping Ramble-With-Me alive for a once-a-year-only post? I'm seriously considering self publishing the blog into a book on Lulu or something just for my archives. I realize I can keep the content up for posterity's sake, but what's the point of that if no one (including me) reads it? This is another thought in progress.

I wrote about this issue back in 2008 in a post titled Why Do I Blog?. The answer was "It makes me think I should focus this blog on more library/library school stuff. I wont though (for now) because I like letting off steam about all sorts of stuff. This blog is part rant, part therapy, part promotion of...random stuff."

Has that attitude changed?

Yes and no. I still don't thing I need to become a library blogger. There are more, far better librarian bloggers out there and I don't think I need to add to the noise of that beyond commenting. Maybe this is the wrong road to take, but I've always be proud of the fact that I'm well rounded and have a lot of interest, including libraries. Yes, I'll admit it: libraries are not my life. I believe this actually makes me a better, happier person, which allows me to do a better job at my (potential) librarian positions. I work hard on work/life balance, and so far I'm winning that war (as in I'm not miserable at work or at home). I am quite involved in the library world anyways, which is my choice because I am passionate about it and do live libraries. I write for a grouplibrary blog titled Re:Generations (although I am just the student rep, and that will end soon) and often offer my time to committees and events, so I don't think the fact that this is not a library only blog hurts my professional reputation (though I'm not sure the obsessive curling nerdery helps it!).

Writing in general is therapy for me, so that hasn't changed either. I think maybe I rant less (you can be the judge of that) and I certainly post to promote links of 'stuff' less. The big switch over the past year or so for this blog has been the increase in curling related posts. I love curling. I love writing about it. It was fun last season. I looked forward to it. Now that the curling season is over, I find myself struggling to think of things to write about, and have even let the Music Monday posts slide lately.

So what's in store for my beloved blog in the future? If/when I do get a librarian job, library related posts might increase. Or not. When the curling season starts, then the curling posts will increase, but likely not to the amount I was posting last year.  The Curling News is so awesome that all you curling fans out to follow their blog and their twitter feed @curling to keep up to date with what's going on in the curling world. They've really stepped up their online action, so I will likely refrain from blogging any reposts that came from them -  just follow them to start with!I will probably still do event head's ups and schedules, and I might start doing a weekly wrap of of events or other interesting curling news depending on how much time I have. Plus I plan on volunteering for more events so I'll still blog about that. And I'll keep the Music Monday going when I remember or actually have something to say.

Right, I think I just talked myself into not quitting blogging until curling season returns and I see how that goes! Well that was a productive rant!

I'd love to hear your thoughts though. Should I become a librarian blogger? Should I quit the curling blogging? Should I delete my travel blog? What content would you like to see?


  1. In my opinion:

    1. Travel-With-Me is probably done. You're settled to a certain degree, and travel likely won't be as big of a part of your life as in the past (sad, I know!). I second your thought of putting it somewhere for posterity's sake and then leaving the blog active for as long as it'll stay.

    2. Curling blogging - I'd say do it if you're still enjoying it, but it's serving the same purpose as your travel blog - an archive of curling you enjoy, as opposed to reporting or analysis of the actual curling.

    3. Library Blog - I'd say go ahead with this full-bore. You have more to offer than simply a repository of library-related happenings, and as an outsider I enjoy reading the goings-on of the library world. Deeper analysis might be a good thing to add someday, a perspective and whatnot, but I think this is a strong vein for you to mine.

    Re: Blogging vs. Twitter, the thing twitter will never be able to replicate is the subtleties that blogging and working in long(ish) form can afford a writer. Roger Ebert has some interesting thoughts of the value of blogging vs. Twitter.


  2. I love your blog! Keep this one going! :)

  3. nth the support for continuing the library content! There can never be too many of us!

  4. Thanks everyone, you've given me more to consider. I'm not making any decisions this summer, so we'll have to see how it goes in the fall! Thanks again for the support!


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