90 Minutes of Mythbusters Brilliance

The Discovery Channel has just given us all a gift: 90 minutes of pure Mythbusters brilliance. They have decided to post the latest special episode: Mythbusters Top 25 Moments online. In it's entirety. For our nerdy viewing pleasure. All of this is in celebration of Discovery's 25 year. Thanks Discovery, you just made my day! Happy anniversary!

Watch it. It's awesome. Best 90 minutes I spent online all week. And probably the best 90 minutes I will spend online next week too.

(Oh, just a warning, there are 'commercials' throughout the show. I guess that's how we all just (legally) got 90 minutes of tv online for free.)

For the record, my favourite Mythbuster moment will always be the cement truck explosion because it's one of my most favourite sounds ever:

And honourable mention goes to Tory's bike jump:

I. Love. Mythbusters.

(If you start a collection now, y'all can get me the seasons 1-6 DVD set for Christmas. I'm just saying.)