#YEG Is A Composting Star!

I find this video completely fascinating.

So the garbage I throw out daily gets mostly composted? That's awesome! I just spent some time living in Sherwood Park, where they have this awesome greenbin/blackbin/bluebag compost/garbage/recycling scheme. It's good to know we are actually doing something to mitigate the materialism and throw-away culture that is so pervasive in our society.

Guaranteed the minute I move out and am in charge of my living surrounding I'll be composting kitchen scraps. And maybe I'll get worms or something. If only that day were sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I shall continue my efforts to get my parents to stop buying plastic water bottles (unfortunately, that's not going so well - I come from a family of stubborn Ukrainians who buy into the whole bigger-better-more way of life instead of the eco-green lifestyle). *sigh*

Thanks to Geekware for the link!