Music Monday: The Sadies Concert

Last week, I went to The Starlite room with a couple of friends to see The Sadies.

And it was awesome.

I'm a grumpy old woman so am not a huge fan of venues where you have to stand for hours on end, waiting with a large group of sweaty people for a band to eventually show up to play a set.

But it was worth it.

First up was The Pack AD. Yeah. Not my thing. So I'm not saying any more about that.

The Sadies were well worth the wait though. I'd seen them at Folk Fest a few years ago, so knew what I was in for - alt country, rockabilly awesomeness.

The Sadies at Folk Fest (top/2008) and a couple from last week's gig at The Starlite. Click to enlarge if you want to see more blurry guitar.

I think I mostly like them because not only can they play wicked guitars, but one guy plays the fiddle too, and there's drums and an upright bass. Like really, if they added a banjo and Jim Cuddy they would be the best band ever!

Good grief those guys can play guitar. Seriously. Awesome. Guitar.

Check out The Sadies:

You can listen to the entire new album, Darker Circles, from Outside Music.