Music Monday: Marian Call House Concert

Last week was a Firefly kind of week.

First, a friend made me this cunning hat as a thank you for looking after her cat for a couple weeks.

My had is shiny. My friend is awesome. Now I can't wait for winter so I can wear it.

Second, I got a couple Firefly related books in the mail. Why did no one tell me the Serenity Visual Companion has the movie script in it? Plus there's a new one out and I need to have a complete collection. Yes I own Firefly books and comics. Yes I am a nerd.

The best part of last week though? The Marian Call House Concert!

Some definitions for the uninitiated:

House Concert - a concert in someone's house. Seriously. I found out about it via a local Browncoat I follow on twitter, @pandagirl79. So it was advertised over twitter, but there was also a facebook event and assumably word of mouth helped a lot. Essentially, I just showed up at a stranger's house and hung out with strangers. And it was super awesome! When I got there everything was set up outside, but it started raining so we all pitched in and moved everything inside. There was about a dozen people there, and a big dog and cat which just added to the awesomeness of this unique event. We sat in the living room and listened to music. And chatted. And maybe it was awkward sometimes, but mostly it was super fun!

Marian and Scott, plus Jake, the biggest dog I've ever met.

Marian Call - a geeky acoustic singer songwriter/folk musician from Alaska. She's written a bunch of songs inspired by Firefly, so that's the connection. I had heard her music before via some-blog-or-another and actually have had both of her CDs on my iTunes wishlist for the past six months or so, thus I was uber excited to see her live. She had Scott the guitar guy with her, and a friend played drums sometimes (you can't see him in my photos because he was relegated to the kitchen). Have you ever seen a musician play the typewriter, rain stick and kazoo in someone's living room? Proof is below.

Cat vs Typewriter. Maybe she'll write a song about that.

It was a bit surreal to be sitting in someone's living room watching live music. Marian is very open and friendly and real and down-to-earth and charming though, so the whole night flowed well. There were music and stories and much laughing at the pets and drinks and snacks and sing-alongs. Marian is a clever songwriter, and thankfully she doesn't write your run-of-the-mill-love-song-pop-crap. Some of the songs are nerdy and based on Firefly or BSG or just being a nerd. Some of the songs are about random things like hating airplanes or vampire cheerleaders or a car or not being sexy. Her voice and great manner with the crowd really carried the show. You could really tell she loved singing. I think I smiled the whole night.

And yes, there was a cunning hat at the concert. It wasn't mine though, I think it belonged to Marian.

Here's an idea of what Marian Call's music is like. These two songs are obviously about me. It's nice to know I'm not the only one.

The whole concept of a house concert is very intriguing. I've heard about them, but didn't think they actually happened in Edmonton (at least that I knew of). Home Routes is the only webpage I could find that is local and remotely current. Marian said it herself, house concerts are a great way for music to be enjoyed by fans and for musicians to be compensated directly for their songs. Usually there's that barrier between musician and listener, and it was weird to just talk to someone 'famous'. That's another benefit of this whole concept - you can actually interact with and artist on a personal level, which makes the experience more enjoyable and unique. I hope I have the chance to attend more house concerts, and you know if I actually owned a house I'd be hosting gigs too!

Marian is doing a tour of Canada and the US, just playing house concerts. If you want to host a concert, just get in touch with her via her website etc. Yes, it's that easy. She has lot's of info on her blog about being a host. I guarantee you'll have a fantastic evening.

You can find Marian Call at her official website (included streaming audio and blog!), on myspace, facebook and twitter.

Marian Call is coming back through Edmonton in the fall. Who's coming with me to see her sing again??


  1. That house concert sounds like it was fun! Let me know if you're going to something like that again...I *might* come :) Also, glad you like the hat. The picture you took is cute.

  2. You'll definitely have to come next time!


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