Music Monday: Desert Island Discs

Recently, iheartedmonton blogged about their Deserted Island Collection. I agree with his opinion of CDs. I love CDs. I have lots. I still buy CDs even though everyone else gets their music from downloads or iTunes (although I'll admit iTunes is my go-to for hard to find stuff, which is mostly everything these days, what with my fantastically awesome taste in music).

I've been carefully thinking about my own Desert Island Disc Collection (as made famous by a popular topic English radio program). iheartedmonton's description is as follows:
"With that said, I wanted to know what my all-time favourites were, the ones that I would want with me if I was ever banished to some deserted island...with a discman, headphones and a life supply of batteries, of course. I'm not talking about particular songs or the best albums for a particular mood I'm in, but the ones that are exceptional from start to finish, that I don't get tired of, and that are blistered with scratches from overplay."
He lists 10, even though the radio show only allows 8. I'm going with 10 though, it was too hard to narrow it down as is!

So here is my Desert Island Disc collection, in alphabetical order...


Blue Rodeo - Greatest Hits (2001)

I recently declared Blue Rodeo to be my most favourite band. And this CD is certainly one of the best ever. It's long. It's got the greatest hits on it. What more do you want? Except maybe Jim Cuddy to keep me company on the island. Related blog post: Blue Rodeo and Cuff The Duke, and related blog tag: bluerodeo


Great Lake Swimmers - Lost Channels (2009)

This is a recently discovered band. Lovely, haunting, banjo-y, loveliness. Related blog post: Great Lake Swimmers


La Bottine Souriante - Anthologie (2001)

I fell in love with and listened to this CD almost non stop when I lived in Montreal for a month back in 2002. Since then, Quebecois music has always held a special spot on my CD mountain. P'tite porte-cle, Yoyo, Flying Saucers, this CD has everything.


Leahy -  Lakefield (2001)

I used to be obsessed with this band. Still am maybe a little bit buried deep down inside. I listened to this CD for ten months straight. And that's not really an exaggeration. This falls under the category of Best Family Fiddle Band Ever. Related blog post: MacMaster and Leahy


Luke Doucet - Blood's Too Rich (2007)

It's no secret, I'm in love with his guitar. And this CD really. Related blog post: Luke Doucet and My Crush On White Falcon


Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More (2010)

I haven't had this CD for that long, but good grief it's wicked awesome. Every song is like a banjo race, and 'Little Lion Man' would likely make the list of Best Song Ever. Related blog post: Mumford and Sons


Simon and Garfunkel  - The Best of Simon and Garfunkel (1999)

"I Am A Rock" is sort of like the song about my life. Sadly I will miss them in concert here in Edmonton in July as I'm off on a bit of a vacation. Shame, it would've been amazing. Related blog post: Suggest a Theme Song For Me


The Corrs - Forgiven Not Forgotten (1995)

For a minute in high school a boy thought I was cool because I owned this cassette tape. I wore out the tape and had to replace it with a cd later. 'Runaway' was going to be my wedding song until a friend stole it. Maybe I should march down the aisle to 'Toss The Feathers' instead?


The Rankin Family - Endless Seasons (1995)

This is the first folk CD I ever bought. It alone precipitated my affair with celtic music, and is ultimately responsible for my fantastically awesome taste in music today. 'You Feel The Same Way Too' might be one of my all time favourite songs. Related blog post: Jimmy Rankin Concert


The Tragically Hip - Yer Favourites (2005)

Because you can never have enough Hip on the island! And besides, Gord Downie would make entertaining company! This is a double CD though, and if that's against the rules I'll go with Live Between Us (2002) because it was the very first Hip CD I ever bought. I just wish one of them had 'Killer Whale Tank' on it though. Related blog post: An Evening With The Tragically Hip


I guess the late 90's/early 2000's was a good time musically. And notice how most of this is either male voices or instrumental? I'm weird like that. It would be interesting to revisit this concept next year to see how the list changes.

What are your Desert Island Disc choices?