My Youtube Debut: The Librarian Hunter

It's official.

I am finished grad school.

I am a real librarian now.

Yesterday was our final year end party. It was certainly bittersweet. I get all sad and nostalgic when I think that I wont ever see some people again. *sigh*

Anyways, as has become the tradition at our library school (otherwise known as SLIS - School of Library and Information Studies) - a silly librarian parody was written and filmed by a group of students.

And this year, I got to be in it, thus marking my youtube debut. Check out my super acting skills about 5 minutes in (that's me sitting behind the desk, and it was a Snickers bar by the way).

Here is this year's fantastic video, a spoof on everyone's favourite Crocodile Hunter - The Librarian Hunter

See, I did a good job. Too bad you could barely hear my dialogue. It was super fun to film though! The patrons in the library were watching and laughing along - good times in the library. The whole thing came together 24 hours, so it's totally professionally done, ha ha. It's also tradition to have a prof star in the video. This year they nabbed the library school director! Personally I think it's the best video yet. What do you think?

You can see the other SLIS year end videos too...

2008/09: Librarian Bounty Hunter part 1
2008/09: Librarian Bounty Hunter part 2
2007/08: I Want To Be A Librarian musical (this one has almost 17, 000 views!)


  1. I finally had time to watch this, and I could stop laughing. You guys are awesome! :D

  2. Thanks, it was really fun to film!


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