Curling Music Part 5: 2010 Season Finale

In today's final instalment of Curling Music, to inspire you to make a go at 2014 in Sochi, here's Jonathan Coulton's 'Curl':

If you missed Stephen Colbert's fun curling times with team USA, check out this fan made mashup with Coulton's song.

Still want more curling songs? Just put 'curling' into google or youtube, or check out the following resources:
Hopefully there will be more great curling music next year! 

Oh, and if someone finds the music video of Sarah Harmer and Gord Downie doing the 'Men With Brooms' song 'Silver Road' (the one where he pebbles the ice and she drives, not the live version or the one where he shows his ass) please send me the link!


  1. There's another curling themed music video filming at Hollywood Curling as I type this.

  2. Oh cool! Post a link when it gets uploaded to the web if you can!


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