Busy Busy Busy

So what have I been up to all week? Here's the rundown...

Last Monday: Last two classes of grad school. Last two papers/assignments handed in. Sad "See you on facebook!" comments were said to fellow grad students who I will likely never see again. Sad.

Last Tuesday: Last Year End Party of grad school. More sad "See you on facebook!" comments were said to fellow grad students who I will likely never see again. Sad. Seriously. I just spent the last two years seeing all these people during my everyday routine and now it's over. Very anticlimactic. Very sad. Thank God for facebook.

Last Wednesday: Started a new job. I'm working at a college library, creating and editing a bunch of online subject/research guides. It's been good so far - the people are nice and the work is interesting. The only bad thing is I don't actually get to serve patrons, and that is, afterall, my favourite part of librarianship. Also, in hindsight, it might have been a good idea to take some time off after grad school. I'm really tired and my brain still hurts. The job is only a short contract until some time in June, so I guess I can sleep then.

Last Thursday: Did my taxes. Oh the excitement. Actually, it's kind of fascinating how it all works out. And I had to redo them once so that's extra practice. Thanks for helping Jay!

Last Friday: Spent the entire day visiting 3 malls with a very good friend from library school. Unfortunately in a week's time I will have to say "See you on facebook!" to her, so it was out (third) last adventure. Sad.

Last Saturday I: Law Day at work. My boss was kind enough to let me off for an hour to go on a tour - which was fascinating (even though I took the tour two years ago). I learned how to maybe get my speeding ticket fine decrease, and that the sheriffs often feel like their running a dating service in the basement where the holding cells are. Go to Law Day next year, you'll enjoy it!

Last Saturday II: Following that, a bunch of us went to the roller derby (check out this video for some background). Which was so fun. So. Much. Fun. I went last year to see the Oil City Derby Girls (the north side teams) but this weekend we saw E-Ville Roller Derby (the south side teams). It was a blast. If you have a chance, go see the roller derby. It's cheap and exciting and generally good fun. Oh, and we decided my derby name would be "Go-Go Goggles".

Last Sunday I: The last curling-on-tv event finished, with teams Martin and Bernard (our decorated Olympians) winning the mens/womens finals. That means the curling season is officially over. So sad. You know I'll be counting down the months/days to when it all starts up again in October, and I'll be following the curling-team-shuffle rumours online. I will most certainly miss watching the games with the curling tweeps on twitter. So sad.

Last Sunday II: It was the (second) last adventure with my very good friend, so some of us from library school went to see "How To Train Your Dragon" in 3D Imax. Now, I've already seen the Dragon movie, and I really liked it a lot, but as it was our (second) last adventure, I forked over the $18 to see it again in 3D Imax. And I was not disappointed. It was awesome. Significantly fantastic. I had never seen a 3D movie before, and this one was a great initiation. The scenery was amazing! Highly recommended. But then the evening concluded with more "See you on facebook!" goodbyes. Sad.

Yesterday: I had my first post-grad school job interview for a librarian position. Regardless of whether I get the job or not, finally having an interview has really increased my confidence. Yay.

Today: My nomadic existence has come to an end (for now). I've been staying at my aunt and uncle's, though they had come back temporarily before embarking on a big trip to tour Europe and visit their son, daughter-in-law and grandkids, who live overseas. Unfortunately the volcano in Iceland snuffed out the dream trip they have been planning for the past 6 months. So sad. Since my fantastic house sitting services are no longer needed, I'm moving back to my parents house. So sad. On many levels.

And that's the last 7 days in my life. Which likely explains why I'm really tired and my brain still hurts