Re-entering the Real World

Grad school is over in two weeks.

In two weeks I get my real life back.

This is what I want to do once library school is finished:
  1. Get-a-job-get-a-place-of-my-own-get-a-cat. Yeah, in a post-recession job market, this might take awhile.
  2. Read books. Real books, not just library related stuff (although library related stuff is ok too). I've got a stack of 2reads growing like mould on my floor. For three years I've been stocking up on must-haves and great-deals from Bookmooch. I suspect the hardest part will be trying to decide what to read first.
  3. Get in shape. I'm a stress eater, and the past three (nay, ten) years of my life have been very stressful. I rediscovered my love for cycling last summer, and I miss walking around Lake Beaumaris. I'm in love with my wii-fit, and have been hearing good things about the Couch 2 5K app and some sort of P90 workout program thingy. Anyways, winter is over too so at least I'll get outside a bit more...
  4. Go hiking. I really want to make a better effort to get outside and out of the city to enjoy Alberta.
  5. Get better at curling. Now that school wont be consuming my life, a practice session once in awhile will be quite welcome. The Saville Centre usually offers Fall training sessions, so as long as #1 goes according to plan I'll still be in Edmonton and can take advantage of those. I've been curling for three seasons, it's about time I stopped sucking.
  6. Volunteer more. Maybe one day I'll have a normal-person work schedule that can easily be organized around. If I stay in Edmonton (see #1), I'd like to volunteer for my curling club's junior program (I've already checked, it's ok if I suck as long as I like kids). It's been three years since I taught elementary school and I miss hanging out with the kids, so I'm looking forward to this opportunity if 'stuff' works out. There's also the Continental Cup of Curling coming to St. Albert in January 2011 that I want to volunteer for (and if anyone knows how I can get on the volunteer list for this, please let me know!). And of course there's non-curling stuff as well. Perhaps being unemployed for awhile wont be so bad.
  7. Learn to knit. So the 'thing to do' at library school this year has been knitting. It seems like a relaxing hobby so maybe I should take it up?! It doesn't seem too hard, although a friend recently pointed out a single-knitting-curling-librarian-with-cats isn't very marketable, if you know what I mean. Oh well. To each his own.
  8. Cook. I'm not very domesticated, so learning to cook would probably be a good thing to do. Actually, I can cook, I just need the time (and motivation) to try out some great recipes. And to find said great recipes. The first step is thinking about it, right?
  9. Go on a holiday. I really need a holiday. And my poor neglected travel blog needs to be updated. I'm graduating with a significant level of education, plus it's a significant birthday year for me (ug) so I want to plan a significant holiday. I'm love to 'go big or go home' and head to New York, but I'm not sure that'll happen. It depends on money and job stuff (well what doesn't in my life right now?!). Likely I'll head to Vancouver. Again. But at least that'll be relaxing.
  10. Write another Nanowrimo novel. November is a long time away, but I've missed out on Nanowrimo for two years in a row now, and I'm itching to do it again. I've even got an idea!
  11. Re-take up the fiddle. Back in the day, during the London Years, a friend and then a nice Irish man taught me how to play the fiddle. I took lessons for maybe a year, but didn't have any time to practice, what with all the work that went along with being an elementary teacher. At some point my fiddle and I had a marital spat and decided to separate. I haven't even opened the case in three years. Maybe the strings or bow hairs have disintegrated? A friend of mine plays the violin, so maybe my fiddle and I will make up and have another go at a happy relationship. We'll see.
  12. Re-unlock Guitar Hero. My Nintendo Wii broke last Christmas so I had to buy a new one. Unfortunately that also means I lost all my unlocked content on two different Guitar Heros (and a Rabbids game too). It's going to be a busy summer of rockin' out!
  13. Watch geek-tv. I think it's finally time I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Battlestar Galactica. So if anyone has the DVDs to lend...
  14. Sleep. Lot's. And often.
Sigh. It all depends on #1 right now, and regarding that, well I've never been more discouraged. At least grad school is over in two weeks!!


  1. Great list!
    I'm feeling similarly, especially about #1. I'm graduating from my undergrad at the end of April and feeling like there are very few jobs out there right now. I think finding a job will be my full-time job for the next couple months.
    About #7 - Go for it! If you're going to teach yourself is a great website. Also come join Ravelry, it's a great resource.

    Good luck with your list!

  2. My thoughts...

    1. Patience, grasshopper. All good things come in time.

    4. I'm down with that. Might have to bargain with Lindsay, but daytrips are awesome.

    9. Go big. Seriously. New York. Buenos Aires. Tokyo. Better now then later!

    10. Can assist with 7. Sarah Janet knits profusely. Uses it to destress during NaNo.

    13. I'm fully stocked on BSG. Can also lend Mad Men for those pensive, serious moments.

    15. I've been meaning to take your portrait some time. Maybe after you graduate?

  3. 9. Come to Los Angeles May 28th and Curl!

    10. Check out, from the organizers of NaNoWriMo. Starts tomorrow.

  4. Cheryl: Yay for all the knitting resources! A friend was showing me Ravelry, it looks really useful so if I take it up, I'll definitely join.

    Jay: My portrait, seriously? I'm not overly photogenic you know. And it'll have to wait until I get my hair cut again. Which will be soonish. But I'll definitely take you up on the other suggestions!

    punch-drunk: Can't make it to LA or do Script Frenzy this year, but there's always 2011!

  5. Hey Lisa,

    I do lessons at Jasper Place CC as well. Check with me in the fall if it doesn't work out for you at Saville.


  6. I can help you with the hiking, knitting and cooking if you'd like. I also have the first 5 seasons of BTVS, if you'd like to borrow them.


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