Music Monday: Jimmy Rankin Concert

Last Friday night, I saw Jimmy Rankin in concert.

It was just Jimmy and his guitar, and another guitar player who played acoustic guitar, electric guitar and banjo.

Jimmy's the one with only one head. Please will someone buy me an iphone so I can take better photos discreetly in dark venues? K, thanks.

I've been a Rankin Family fan since the 90's (I took a lot of teasing for that in high school, but it was for a good cause) and have since followed Jimmy Rankin into his solo career. I really like his voice, and he's one of the very few songwriters who's lyrics I actually appreciate. The Rankin Family Reunion concert was one of the best shows I saw in 2009, and I knew Jimmy wouldn't disappoint either.

Morning Bound Train (from Handmade) - every song should include a banjo, or a fiddle, or an accordion, or a harmonica, and some guitar dancing. I'm just saying.

It was a great show. He sang some old solo stuff, some newer solo stuff, some Rankin Family stuff and a previously unreleased song (FYI, new solo album sometime in 2011). Jimmy was also quite charming, chatting to the crowd in between songs, cracking jokes, asking for requests etc. I was a bit surprised at this because when I saw him some years ago he was pretty flat and kinda grouchy (though the music was great). Tonight was totally different, with rather enjoyable banter and music.

Slipping Away (from Edge of Days) - this video was actually filmed in Edmonton's Refinery Row district. Jimmy told us it was f-ing cold and the train was pretty darn close to him.

One thing that annoys me about his shows is that he is constantly tuning his guitar in between songs. Actually, he interrupted one of his stories Friday night by just randomly shouting "I tune because I care!" Makes sense, but it's still annoying. Good think the music is fantastic!!

Check out Jimmy Rankin on BT Television Edmonton singing 'Slipping Away' and 'Louisiana'.

I'll always take in a Rankin show. They're classic and I love them.

My most favourite Rankin Family song ever. I always get a bit sad watching the old videos because John Morris passed away tragically all those years ago. Jimmy sang this one on Friday, and we all got up and danced and clapped and sang along to the hey-hey-heys. Good times.

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